SN: 27-3935

Some old photos of C-FWZZ

photo of C-FWZZ
Dad, my brother Aaron, and me checking the oil
Dad, Aaron and Mom with CF-WZZ prior to re-paint and change to C-FWZZ
A quick snap before we leave for YQL
WZZ and Lyle
WZZ and me at Humboldt, Saskatchewan
Mom and Dad and CF-WZZ at the Humboldt, Saskatchewan airport
C-FWZZ on the ramp at Humboldt, Sask 1990.
Clarence, Fran, Bon, Shannon, Dad, Aaron, and me in the left seat, itching to go
Me and Bon about to head back to YQL
Me checking the fuel before launch
Me and Lee Lefebvre getting ready to go aviating